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Investment System That Beats Forex with Ease
Savvy traders are making the easy investment choice of using binary options to day trade stocks. There are a couple of things that make binaries particularly well suited for day trading activities -- namely the extremely short holding period (typically an hour), the high rate of return (typically upwards of 60%), and the ability to trade freely without commissions or pricing spreads to worry about. Someone must have been listening to the needs of day traders when binary options were designed.
Every Options Broker Is a Little Different
Getting started trading involves finding the right broker who carries the securities you're interested in. Given the relatively small size of the present market only a select few options are offered - and then only on the most recognizable, most highly liquid stocks (think Google, Microsoft, VW, BMW, GE). Still other brokers cover commodities and foreign stock market indexes. All these assets share one thing in common: liquidity. People know these companies well and trade them continuously. These days even some popular commodities are available on binary options exchanges.
Paring Down the Unnecessary Barriers to Swift Trading Makes Traders Happy
Trading in even dollar figures is another factor in making binaries an easy investment. Like many of the other features of binary options, contract size is designed to reduce complexity. . .
Small Cap Traders Find Binary Options Profitable
Imagine investing just a hundred dollars. Is there any other asset you could make a reasonable return on consistently with just a one day holding period? Eliminating transaction costs and fees makes "small ball" investing equally profitable as whale investing.

Day trading binary options is an easy investment because it is a no commission, no spread, virtually no math way to invest. Learn more in our options trading tutorial.

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